January Bain: Lovestruck

January Bain’s novella, Lovestruck, is from the Valentine’s collection A Little Bit Cupid. There’s eight stories in the collection, spread between Pride and Totally Bound Publishing. Lovestruck is available to preorder now, and is published on 4th February 2020.

Here’s January to tell us about the inspiration for her story.

I often get asked, where do your ideas for your books come from? That’s an excellent question, in my opinion, and one I love to answer. They all come from different places, usually unexpectedly and while I’m in the shower causing me to dance around looking for a bit of paper and a pen while soaking wet, but the plot for LOVESTRUCK came to me in one glorious afternoon. I asked myself one question: What if cupid’s arrow was real? The concept had me stirred to the nines as I thought about what could that mean to a couple that had just met, and he got struck in the hiney by an arrow that would change his life forever!

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Raven McAllan: Have laptop, will travel – and does

Raven McAllan’s novella, For One Night Onlyis from Valentine’s collection A Little Bit Cupid. There’s eight stories in the collection, spread between Pride and Totally Bound Publishing. For One Night Only is available to preorder now, and is published on 11th February 2020.

Here’s Raven to tell us about her travels.

When my lovely husband retired I knew life would change. For several years we’d been doing our gap year in two and three week stints, both at home and abroad. Now we decided it was time to indulge ourselves whilst we were fit and able and extend those two or three weeks to four, or five or even six.

We both have a bucket list of places. Some we share some we don’t. Some have surprised us.

We’ve been to a fair few places now. We plan carefully, and do think about our carbon footprint.

I’ve been lucky to go to some amazing places, and quite a lot of them appear in my books. I guess I thought at least then no one could call me out for not knowing where I am writing about…


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Chicks, Rogues and Scandals reviews The Captain and the Squire

Like all of the Captivating Captains series, this has everything that I look for in a good romance, it has the perfect mix of enigmatic character’s, sizzling chemistry, lots of fun and laughter, love to hate villains, a wonderfully original plot, plus the sharp, clever and very English wit which we have all come to know and love about this series.

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Love Bytes reviews The Captain and the Squire

There’s never a dull moment in The Captain and the Squire. The book is the best kind of romantic comedy/mystery and everything about it is highly entertaining. I had the best time getting to know the village of Bough Bottoms and its inhabitants, witnessing Tarquin and Chris forget they should be enemies and becoming the most important part of each other’s lives, all while secrets are unravelled, nasty schemes get ruined…and thankfully Orry, the most amazing pig in England, can keep its hide intact.

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