Out now! The Captain’s Snowbound Christmas

Out now, our Christmas novella The Captain’s Snowbound Christmas! Available in ebook.

Will Reuben be unwrapping a captain this Christmas?

Reuben’s a makeup artist who’s much in demand in the business, from making the beautiful even more gorgeous to creating an alluring love-scene glow. All of his Christmas wishes come true at once when he’s hired to work on the set of his favourite TV show. And not only that but on the swoony Christopher Manners.

Bunny is lusted after by millions as the brooding hero of television’s Captain Firth adventures. His manly swash and handsome buckle have earned him a legion of fans, and when he strides onto the screen and commands, “Draw your sword, sir,” it’s time to get down to business.

When Reuben and Bunny’s first date turns into a disaster, it looks as though the show’s over before it’s begun, but a blizzard, a mysterious bearded man in a red coat and a hot winter night combine to give them a second chance.


Reuben couldn’t believe his luck. Makeup on the filming of one of his favourite shows. As he found a spot in the studio car park, he felt as if he’d stormed the barricades and at any moment someone would arrive and try to throw him out. And Reuben would say, “Go and have a word with Amy, she’s hired me for the day.”

Reuben had loved Captain Firth since the first series had been shown on television. What wasn’t to love about the flamboyant show full of men in tight breeches and flowing shirts? And the saturnine and sexy-as-hell captain?

Maybe I’ll get to meet him. Maybe I’ll get to say “Draw your sword, sir!” to the man himself.

As a makeup artist, Reuben had met a huge number of actors and celebrities. It was both a perk and a downside of the job—some of the people he’d met couldn’t have been nicer, and some couldn’t have been more nightmarish if they’d tried. Reuben had never been particularly starstruck, but he feared he might be if he actually met Christopher Manners, the man who played the captain.

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Chicks, Rogues and Scandals reviews The Captain’s Snowbound Christmas

This is brilliantly bonkers, saucy, festive fun with a marvellous ‘Carry on -Esque’ style tongue in cheek humour which had me in stitches, not to mention the touch of magic at the end, perfect afternoon entertainment

Read the full review at Chicks, Rogues and Scandals. Our festive novella, The Captain’s Snowbound Christmas, is published on 22nd December!

Interview: Alexa Milne

It’s publication day for Alexa Milne Christmas story, A String of LightsShe dropped by the blog to tell us more.

Tell us about A String of Lights and the inspiration behind it.

The inspiration for this story came from a strange source. We had our bathroom turned into a wetroom a little while ago and one of the blokes who worked on it also worked for another man who went around the country putting up Christmas lights in towns and cities. I’d never thought of it being a specific job before and it gave me the title – A String of Lights. So Devlyn, my first MC, was born working for Sid. But I needed another MC.

Strangely, I often get inspiration from the programme, Countryfile. The idea for my novel My Highland Cowboy also came from a report on Countryfile. This time they had a story about someone restoring a rundown estate. So Henry was born as a secret lottery winner who bought such an estate on Exmoor, set about its restoration, and wanted Christmas lights in his village. Hence, Dev and Henry meet. As in all Christmas stories, something happens to keep them together. Spoiler – it isn’t snow!

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