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Today we welcome Pelaam to the blog, author of The Moment from Pride’s A Little Bit Cupid collection, to tell us about her ideal Valentine’s Day.

Describe your perfect Valentine’s Day.

Get up late. Have brunch at our favourite beachside restaurant with a glass of buck’s fizz. A leisurely afternoon walking along the beach, playing minigolf, then sitting at a café, people watching. Home to shower and change, then a romantic dinner for two early evening, then relaxing on a rooftop bar. (Bear in mind, I live in New Zealand, so Feb is my summer)

Chocolates or roses? Or something else?

Chocolates are always welcome, but a nice bottle of bubbles (champagne) or a good rosé wine are also favourites.

Who’s your dream date for a Valentine’s Day dinner?

My hubby – he’s still my dream date.

Do you have a favourite Valentine’s Day book, film or song?

Not really. It’s not a Valentine movie, but I took The Princess Bride as my inspiration for the themed ball in The Moment. It’s as good as a romantic movie as it is everything else.

How does Valentine’s Day tie in with your story, The Moment?

My couple get together thanks to a Valentine’s Day costume party. It’s during the party that Jason, one of my main characters has his epiphany. “When you go on a blind date and you’re looking around, you see someone and have the moment where you think, let it be them.”

Where did the inspiration for your story come from?

I was thinking about perfect first dates. Then flipped it slightly so that Jason, in expecting to have someone he knows accompany him to the ball, is instead set up with someone he doesn’t know. However, he’s assured the stranger will make the perfect blind date for him.

Where do you write? Have you got a little nook at home, or do you write wherever you happen to be on a laptop or on your phone?

I have a desk in my bedroom which overlooks the Tasman Sea. But I write anywhere and everywhere. I always have a notebook and pens with me, although I’ve been known to write on any piece of paper available if the Muse strikes.

Can you tell us what you’re working on at the moment?

I’m currently working on the third in my The Devil’s in the Details book entitled The Eye of Evil. Although these books do have a theme of romance running through them, they’re my first real horror stories. I’m also working on another with a BDSM theme which as yet is untitled.

Thank you for popping by! And good luck with The Moment.

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