Ellen Mint: Special Delivery

Today on the blog, we’re talking to Ellen Mint, author of another story from Pride’s A Little Bit Cupid Collection, Special Delivery.

Describe your perfect Valentine’s Day.

Curled up on the couch by my fire/heater because it’s always freezing cold out and snowy. Snuggling while watching a long movie, probably with a dog on my lap because again cold and it’s my duty to provide warmth for her. Then my husband and I can fool around after.

Chocolates or roses? Or something else?

Are the roses enchanted in any way? Do the colors change with every beat of a person’s love-sick heart? Or will a single prick of a thorn turn someone into Rose-Man, not to be confused with Rosé-Man who cries a red-white wine? If not, then the chocolates, especially one with salted caramel.

Who’s your dream date for a Valentine’s Day dinner?

A dragon. Who can turn you down for not having a reservation when you walk in the door with a dragon? Plus, you can go on a flight after—assuming it’s not freezing cold and snowy outside. Have to look out for any stab-happy knights, however.

How does Valentine’s Day tie in with your story, Special Delivery?

Jack works at a floral shop putting together beautiful bouquets for lovers while he’s stuck in single island. When Tan, the biggest crush he ever had in high school, walks into the shop and orders flowers for V-Day, Jack wants to die. Now he has to be the Valentine’s Day happy, peppy delivery man for the hottest man Jack’s ever known.

Where did the inspiration for your story come from?

I wanted to lean hard into the Romcom idea, so I thought what’s the worst job to have on Valentine’s Day? Delivery man! Especially if he’s single and lonely just when his oldest crush walks through the door like a punch to the heart.

Where do you write? Have you got a little nook at home, or do you write wherever you happen to be on a laptop or on your phone?

I sit at the kitchen table which started because I used to have a tiny, hyper puppy who could get into anything at the drop of a hat. Now I have an elder black lab who doesn’t care what I do most of the day as long as I don’t interrupt her naps. But that was where I started writing and that’s where it works.

Can you tell us what you’re working on at the moment?

Hot Aliens, Bounty Hunters, and Math! Cutie-Pi is a pi-day themed SciFi Romance. Trini Martinez has been trying to flirt with her lab partner, Nolan for months. But he keeps brushing her off until one day a strange new post-doc arrives. She fears that the interloper is there to try and steal her job and research, and she’s not entirely wrong. The tentacles spurting from his head, however, she didn’t see coming. Thank god for Nolan who seemed to know exactly how to stop a tentacle man hiding inside a humanoid robot. What in the world is happening?

Special Delivery

Out now in ebook.

Jack Dawson has been madly in love with Tan Nguyen since high school. So when his oldest crush walks into his flower shop to place an order, Jack…runs into the closet to hide.

Valentine’s Day is the worst day for florists, especially lonely ones who just want a boyfriend at least a quarter as hot as Tan. Add in Jack having to hand-deliver a special romance basket for Tan’s secret date while wearing a bright red suit and he’s tempted to flee to Canada.

But, to his shock, this is going to be a February Fourteenth that Jack will never forget.

About Ellen Mint

Ellen Mint adores the adorkable heroes who charm with their shy smiles and heroines that pack a punch. She has a needy black lab named after Granny Weatherwax from Discworld. Sadly, her dog is more of a Magrat.

When she’s not writing imposing incubi or saucy aliens, she does silly things like make a tiny library full of her books. Her background is in genetics and she married a food scientist so the two of them nerd out over things like gut bacteria. She also loves gaming, particularly some of the bigger RPG titles. If you want to get her talking for hours, just bring up Dragon Age.

Find out more about Ellen on her website, and follow her on BookbubFacebookTwitterInstagram, and Goodreads.

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