“Self-love brings you back to life” – twin flames

A picture of Jessi. She has long ginger-brown hair and a smile.

Today we’re welcoming Jessi Hersey to the blog to tell us about her children’s books, explaining the concept of twin flames.

The series Twin Flames JayJ was inspired by meeting my own Twin in 2017 at a grocery store. A twin flame is another human being with your same soul, but you both express the same thing differently. This series teaches kids how to deal with their emotions and love themselves. It also shows them how to accept themselves just the way they are. There are three books out presently on Amazon.

The cover of Jessi's book.

The first is an introduction of twin flames. To go deeper into the concept of twin flames, they are your perfect lover that God/universe made perfect for you. Your twin flame is your perfect compliment. At the core of who you both are, you agree at every level from spiritual to daily life. The more love you give, you receive right back from your twin flame. They love you unconditionally and will show you where you aren’t loving yourself. If you truly hate yourself, your twin won’t like you either.

They will always point you back to yourself and back to love. It’s an amazing journey of love if you choose to take it. You get to see who you truly are to the one that made you. Your creator/universe knows you best and made this lover just for you who has the same soul as you. No one else on this earth has the same soul as you except your twin flame. Everyone has a twin flame, it’s not exclusive.

The key to healing on this journey of love is by using the mirror exercise by Jeff and Thalia. This is covered in book two Twin Flames JayJ: Princesses J learns to heal within. This shows kids how to understand when they are upset and what to do about that upset. This will bring peace to your child. All the books in the series are LGBTQ.

There is always divine feminine, which is my female energy. The divine masculine which is male energy – no matter what it looks like there is a male and female there. My man is Prince Jay in the children’s series and the first book covers self-existence and the truth within. This is a divine love. That we all desire in our heart, which is there for a reason because that desire is meant to lead you home.

I am a life coach, helping others on their journey of love. You can contact me through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Nice to meet everyone and thank you Eleanor for allowing me to write this blog post.

Thank you, Jessi, for dropping by! I hadn’t heard of twin flames before so it’s been interesting to have you on the blog to tell us more about it. – Eleanor.

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