A Princess, A Captain & A Corgi

In this bonus episode, we’re introducing you to the delights of Princess in Love. This forgotten gem is a made-for-TV movie from the 1990s about Diana, Princess of Wales and Captain James Hewitt. Discover just how dashing Christopher Villiers looks in uniform, marvel at the world’s biggest corgi and gasp at Diana’s loathing of mauve blouses. Plus there’s a theatrical in the inkwell and find out who’s putting the fizz in our gin. Only on Gin and Gentlemen!

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Special offers on Curzon/Harkstead novels

A Georgian engraving of women in a bookshop.

If you are yet to dabble in the world of Curzon/Harkstead, there’s special offers on our books at the moment.

Until 18th September, our Gothic romance The Ghost Garden is just 99p on Amazon UK and Kobo UK.

Our newest release, Regency romcom The Captain and the Theatrical, is available on Kindle Unlimited, and the very first Captivating Captains novel, The Captain and the Cavalry Trooper, is only 99p/$1.21 – both for a short time only.

The Captain and the Theatrical – out today!

The latest novel in our Captivating Captains series is out today in ebook! And in paperback on 1st October. And our first Captivating Captains novel, The Captain and the Cavalry Trooper is out in paperback today!

The Captain and the Theatrical

When Captain Pendleton needs an emergency fiancée, who better to turn to than his male best friend? After all, for Amadeo Orsini, life’s one long, happy drag!

Captain Ambrose “Pen” Pendleton might have distinguished himself on the battlefield at Waterloo but since he’s come home to civvy street, he’s struggled to make his mark.

Pen dreams of becoming a playwright but his ambitious father has other ideas, including a trophy wife and a new job in America. If he’s to stand a hope of staying in England and pursuing his dream, Pen needs to find a fiancée fast.

Amadeo Orsini never made it as a leading man, but as a leading lady he’s the toast of the continental stage. Now Cosima is about to face her most challenging role yet, that of Captain Pendleton’s secret amour.

With the help of a talking theatrical parrot who never forgets his lines, Orsini throws on his best frock, slaps on the rouge and sets out to save Pen from the clutches of Miss Harriet Tarbottom and her scheming parents.

As friendship turns into love, will the captain be able to write a happy ending for himself and Orsini before the curtain falls?


Summer 1817

As Captain Ambrose Pendleton strode through the gates of Vauxhall Gardens, he didn’t see the crush of people or the lights in the trees, or hear the music. He was thinking only of seeing his friend Orsini once again.

But first there was the show, which Orsini had raved about in his letter. Cosima was from his stable of talent, and Orsini had been insistent that his friend watch the most remarkable, exquisite and well-formed young lady to grace the continental stage.

And her adorable performing parrot!

Ambrose entered the pavilion where Cosima was to perform. He took his seat and, as he waited for the show to begin, found himself enjoying the hubbub of ordinary people around him. How nice it was to be back among the throng of humanity, without the smell of gunpowder or the roar of cannon or the parade-ground shout. He glanced about the audience, wondering if his friend was there, but Orsini was nowhere to be seen.

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Pride and Prejudice and Mr Wickham at 60

We’re talking Pride and Prejudice this week with a behind the scenes look at Being Mr Wickham, Catherine’s brand new theatre show in which Adrian Lukis returns to his celebrated role as Jane Austen’s most rakish rogue. Plus naked Darcy, scandalous queens and Mr Bennet throws some shade. With thrilling Captivating Captains news hot off the press. Only in Gin & Gentlemen!

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Interview with Sandra Carmel

Today we’re welcoming Sandra Carmel to the blog, an Australian-based romance author. She’s here to tell us about her newest novel, Capture.

The cover of Capture, showing a split image of half a woman's face and half of a man's.

Welcome to the blog, Sandra! Can you tell us a little about your current work in progress?

Capture is book one of my paranormal romance trilogy, The Cure, on pre-order now and on general release on 27th August 2019. I’m currently completing edits for Discover, book 2, due out later this year, and have also been working on Reckoning, book three.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I’m a hybrid, a ‘plotser’. But my aim is to work towards becoming more of a plotter. In the long run, I think it’ll save me a lot of time when writing, rewriting and editing. Pantsing is great and exciting because I enjoy not knowing exactly where the plot is going, but it can also lead me down diverting paths that are either not relevant to or don’t strengthen the story, wasting precious writing and editing time.

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