Chicks, Rogues and Scandals reviews The Captain’s Cornish Christmas

The Captains Cornish Christmas is a charming, witty and sensual romance. …Another winner, really these two wonderful ladies can do nothing wrong in my book, the writing is as always perfect and highly enjoyable. It’s sweet and sexy, with the best laugh out loud moments

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“The Captain’s Cornish Christmas” is available for pre-order now and is published on 11th December on Amazon, Kobo, Nook etc.

The Novel Approach reviews The Captain’s Ghostly Gamble

Ah, there’s angst…a little. There’s romance in spades. The lighthearted banter between the two ghostly men draws you in, and when the two spirits finally realize what we, the reader, knew all along—that they belong together—your heart will heave a happy sigh. This story paces really well for a novella, and has a definite buildup, climax, and conclusion. It’s totally engaging, with colorful characters—there’s a ghost cat for heaven’s sake—and it’s a pleasure to read. Curzon and Harkstead have a definite knack for scene setting and that comes through clearly. I definitely recommend this story for anyone wanting a ghostly short story that is sweet, funny, endearing and romantic. I have loved this series and recommend not just this novella but all the books.

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