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Our first piece of news is that we’re in an article about pen names, which you can find on the Shondaland site; the people behind Bridgerton, Gray’s Anatomy and Inventing Anna.

And secondly, we’ve got a story in the current issue of Best of Woman’s Weekly Fiction. A young family go on a canal boat holiday to get closer to nature. What could possibly go wrong? Buy the magazine to find out!

Wartime weddings for Valentine’s Day

There’s something particularly special about wartime weddings. At a dark time, while dealing with shortages, rationing and danger, sweethearts try their best to celebrate love and look towards a happier future.

The most well-known and evocative wedding dresses from WW2 were made from parachute silk.

Via the Smithsonian

This wedding gown is made from the parachute that saved Maj. Claude Hensinger’s life in 1944. It was worn by his fiancée, Ruth, their daughter and granddaughter too. You would never think that such a romantic confection of a dress made with so many creamy ruches and a train could’ve started off strapped to Hensinger’s back as he jumped out of a plane.

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